You are Beautiful and Free! Succeed!

 For Those Who Wish to Succeed! But have some doubts…

By: Nicodemus Hilaire

When you are afraid of failure you work your butt off to avoid it. If you fear failure you will work very hard to avoid your idea of failure.

Most people are not afraid of failure, they are afraid of success. If they were to suddenly become successful then all the self limiting thoughts about themselves and the world they hold so dear and true would be wrong. These are people that believe they cannot because they are “not good enough” or “cursed” for example. They do not know it but their secret fear of success is based on the fear of being wrong. They believe those self limiting thoughts to be true. If they really are inside the  beautiful successful person they wish to be that means that means their mind is wrong about a lot of things. This would mean that they are not “cursed” or that life “sucks.” These people are torn and destined to live in a fantasy since their desires and beliefs are in a consistent gridlock. In order to see things clearly you must shake of these thoughts or delusion.

If you cannot even dream of being successful there is no chance you can be successful in real life.

You must be able to see it in your head first! You must first be able to dream it. VISUALIZE YOURSELF BEING SUCCESSFUL!

Dream it. Figure out how to make it happen (create a strategy) and get it done. There is nothing else but specifics to it. Anything less is simply short-changing yourself and fearing your OWN success, remember when we actually fear failure we WORK TOWARDS OUR SUCCESS.

This leads to another point I must address in the introduction.

Success and “heaven on earth” mean widely different things to everyone. Regardless of what your heaven on earth looks like and regardless of what you find to be success the path to it is ultimately the same. One person reading this may think of success as a long term relationship. Another may find success to be the pursuit of money. Yet another simply wants a fulfilling career. Yet another may want to build a program of activism for the betterment of mankind.

Right now recognize that all thoughts that are self limiting were not placed there by you. You did not come into the world believing that you were to ugly to dream! RELEASE YOURSELF! THIS IS HOW WE BECOME OPEN TO SUCCESS! YES YOU CAN BE A JOURNALIST! YES YOU CAN FIND LOVE! SHAKE THOSE SELF LIMITING THOUGHTS AWAY!

The very first thing I want you to do is imagine yourself with the success you desire. Imagine all the love money or specific goal you have in place is IN FACT happening. It’s ok I promise that this will not hurt you. Imagine it in detail right now and as many times as you can whenever you can. This is going to open you up to thinking about how it is you will get there, as you place more and more emphasis on the solution it will grow. The same result will happen if you if you focus on your problems.

Whatever you focus on has a tendency to grow.

Even more important is that imagining such a scene will begin opening up your mind to accepting the idea that you can be successful into the core of your being. You must allow yourself to believe that this genius, the powerful and beautiful person inside you is real and you must let it act. In fact there has never been an easier time to be successful. The technological revolution makes it easier than ever for people to meet strangers they would have never known otherwise and also makes millionaires out of ordinary people every day. It is the friendliest time in the history of humanity for entrepreneurs of all kinds. Begin dreaming my friend because next we begin the building of your dream, your success into real life.

Success requires the right virtues and ideals, and sometimes these change with the times. The success of the individual is vital to the success of the mass. The more successful you are the more successful those immediately around you will be and if you choose to the entire world by contributing your unique success.

It is a philosophy that begs your personal spin. Presenting this to numerous others during my “Ask Nico!” sessions on confirms my personal belief that I simply must hand you these keys.

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