What is Magic Spirituality?

What is Magic?

By: Nicodemus Hilaire and his brother Robert Athame

The Invisible Key

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In every book store you will find a New Age, Spiritual or Self Development section. Many of these books will give you directions on how to cast spells, charms, and if there brave they may even call it a fetish. In these books at almost every single book store across the world they will not actually tell you anything. They will give you directions. But Magick is not cooking, although cooking can indeed be magick. These books will tell you to light a candle and say some words….

That is not magick either. I’ll do what no one else will. I’ll tell you what the books purposely leave out. I’ll teach you how to read the unreadable. I’m going to show you how to change your life, and eventually I’m going to give you exercises to strengthen and expand your mind so that you can make your dreams a reality. All you need do for now is continue to read…

Our purpose is to have you discover the underlying power and the fundamental laws of the universe that will make these phenomena (your dreams and desires) appear MAGICALLY and seemingly; out of thin air. (Though it may appear that way to everyone around you.) By the time you are done with this article, you will stand in the room knowing full well that you are the cause and creator of the dramatic changes that can suddenly happen in your life. While everyone will seem dumb founded at your sudden good ‘luck’. You will know that you can have and do anything you want and you can do it again and again and again…….and you will. For the purposes of this article magick will be described in two ways. Firstly; the ability to cause physical, mental and/or emotional changes in the environment or intended target (human or animal) through unconventional methods. Secondly which is the highest form is to create personal change.

Now that we have discussed what magick is we need to talk about how it’s done. No, I’m not going to tell you to light a candle and say some words. I’m going to tell you how to implant thoughts into your life force. Remove it from your body and place it into the universe where the universe itself will choose to manifest your desires simply because they are concentrated, focused, empowered and therefore already the most likely course of action to happen in your life. Perhaps the last sentence sounded strange, however the same techniques have been used by martial artists for years; foremost by the monks at the Shaolin temple. If you ever seen a martial arts demonstration where the operator does something seemingly super human like break a spear on his neck? Surely if most people tried that it would kill them and I am not condoning trying anything like that without proper training and supervision. If you haven’t seen these feats yourself the technique is commonly called the ‘Iron Shirt’ and you can look it up on YouTube. The iron shirt technique is a higher level martial arts practice known as chi gong; which literally translates to internal force training. The operator pushes his ‘chi’ or energy over certain areas of the body with such great density that it will absorb the damage of these traumatic blows. Allowing the monk to walk away unharmed.

Now we are not warrior monks but the techniques of chi gong are very similar to those employed in the casting charms and spells. Sometime ago it came to my attention that the word spell has caught a bad reputation in the western world by being associated with ‘black magic’. Truth is that the term ‘casting a spell’ came from long ago when villagers would see the medicine man, and he or she would toss bones on the floor and read them via divination, thus literally spelling out the villagers future for them. This is what we are doing: we are going to write our own destinies; we are going to write or own histories we are going to ‘Spell’ it out.

Not only are the effects of magick active during ritual, but through the law of attraction are active at all times. It is the knowledge of this notion that will bring us into an entirely new level of power, self development and understanding. Simply put eventually the magus (magician) will become aware that all acts are acts of magick and that he/she is constantly generating future events. No, not everything you think is going to come true, because when you think of them they are not focused and infused with your will and solid purpose. If you invest your will and do not doubt yourself in time my friends anything you desire will begin to manifest in your lives. Unless you are trying to levitate a car or something that is directly against universal laws like gravity. But I digress certainly there are anomalies but that is a totally different category.

This simplest form of spell casting I call the ‘Energy Ball’. This technique is paramount to every kind of magickal practice because it will teach you how to direct control and focus your energy. Remember earlier we said that we would implant thoughts into your life force. Remove it from your body and place it into the universe? You can sit or stand, however if this is your first time you may want to sit cause it may take some getting used to. Now place your hands six to eight inches apart. Close your eyes and breath deep. Breath in for three seconds and breath out for three seconds. Count in your mind it will give your brain something to focus on and prevent your attention from wandering. Continue until you feel perfectly calm…..

This next part is tricky as there aren’t any words to explain this in the English language. With your eyes still closed you need to find the center of your center. Its usually felt somewhere in your abdomen and is called the “dan tien”. Allow yourself to feel it; it is a part of you and it has always been there, you just weren’t aware of it before. Now I want you to push the energy from the dan tien up your chest into your shoulders and into your hands. Take your time there is no hurry. Take a moment to feel the energy as it moves through your body stop at the hands. Feel it there? Good, now you need to push it from your hands into that 6 to eight inch space. If the energy becomes condensed then allow your hands to become further apart. You need to visualize the energy in a ball shape in that empty space. Any color is fine at this point. Bring your hands a tiny bit closer. You might feel a light resistance as if you were putting your hand in a tub of water but there will be no temperature difference. If you don’t feel this don’t worry you will in time.

Now I want you to play a little movie in your head. It’s going to be about whatever you want to happen. Just as you moved the energy from your dan tien your going to move your thoughts from your head and into the ball. If the ball feels heavier this is a good thing just remain calm and focused. Let the movie play as long as you like. The longer the better. Whenever you feel like it is done imagine the ball lift up and out of your hands and let it float into the sky. DO NOT DOUBT WHAT JUST HAPPENED! YOU MUST BELIEVE THAT THE MOVIE WILL PLAY OUT IN REAL LIFE! TRY NOT TO THINK ABOUT IT WHEN IT WORKS YOU WILL REMEMBER! Congratulations you have cast your first spell!!!!

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