This Hindu Parable

 Brought to you by Nicodemus Hilaire (I did not write this story.)

Whatever bad things that has happened to you will not stop you from enjoying life and experiencing your True Will.

I am going to share with you a Hindu Parable. I have had my own experience with awful things but the sharing of this story I think puts it best.

There’s is a big, HUGE, saying that goes around in Hindi. It goes something like this;

“Jako rakhe Saiyyan mar sake na koi!”

It means however bad it is you will not die, until you are meant too. It is reassuring that we get stronger and it correlates with the story.

It is my hope that this story will bring back your faith in miracles.


“The Great King Akbar  and the wise adviser Birbal went deep into the forest in order to hunt.

On their way, Birbal injured Akbar’s right hand’s thumb by a wrong move. Birbal apologized and said to Akbar, “Whatever happens, happens for good.”

Akbar was angered at this and sent Birbal to jail with his bodyguards. Birbal readily agreed and went to jail.

Angry Akbar went alone in the forest to hunt, beating that point. He reached dense forest after some strolling and was captured by few tribal people. These tribals were worshipping their lord and were delighted to find they can offer their God with a healthy human. They were going to sacrifice Akbar.

Akbar was hell scared, he could see his death, he became morose. The tribals bathed him and were readying him for the rituals when one of the aged tribal noticed the injured thumb and immediately stopped the sacrifice.

He said to his fellows, “We cannot offend our God with an incomplete and injured offering. We so not want to face God’s wrath.”

He ordered Akbar to be treated for his injury, fed and liberated.

It was only then that Akbar realised that whatever happens, happens for good. Better not regret. If not for this injury Akbar would have been dead.

He went to Birbal and narrated him the whole incident .

Birbal smiled and then smiled more. Birbal said ,”Thank you Maharaj, you have saved my life, too.”

Akbar exclaimed “How?”

Birbal said “if you would have taken me to the forest with you, then those tribals would have released you, but sacrificed me as I was uninjured.”

Both were delighted!”



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