The Greatest Teacher

*At the end of this you will have two giant levers in which to act on all that presents itself to you.

When I was down and out, I wanted something to learn from. I sought truth and I sought after something larger than me. I thought to myself what is the most successful hero ever against the most tremendous odds. I also wanted this thing to be real, I sought no lie. I did not want a plastic bracelet with a goofy acronym. Something powerful and something beautiful is what I sought to emulate. Something like me but bigger than I. If I could find this genius then I could learn all his ways. Who could he/she be? Where would I find this person? Would I find them in myth and legend? Would I find it in a person who lived many yesterdays ago? Would I find the battle in grand metaphor? What about if I wrote narratives personifying cultural warfare? It must be among us is all that I knew.

And then I took a giant step back just to look at it ALL!

To find the truth I must look at everything ever!

Slowly the answers became pouring into me faster and faster.

The occult saying “as above so below” basically amounts to mean that things work the same on the grandest of scales as they do on the smallest of scales. It was taken from the idea that as “magicians” we make life here on earth as it ought to be in “heaven”. AS ABOVE IS BELOW! Similar to the way atoms seem to orbit each other much like like celestial bodies orbit one another. Atoms orbiting one another mirror our own planet orbiting around our sun.

I found my Great Teacher to be Life itself. Life has not only SUCCESSFULLY replicated itself IT HAS SURVIVED THRIVED AND GROWN INTO US!

I found that the qualities that made LIFE SUCCESSFUL should make me SUCCESSFUL. As ABOVE is BELOW!

Let us take a very brief look at the history of life on earth…

Life has existed approximately 4.5 billion years on earth. This is more time than I believe I can truly comprehend myself! Yet there are a just a few important events I would like to point out to you during this time. The earth has had three periodic extinction events that temporarily reduced diversity of life on the planet. 2.5 billion years ago there was the great oxygenation event which was a mass extinction event caused by cyanobacteria the only present life at the time photosynthesizing so much oxygen into this atmosphere that obligate anaerobic organisms (organisms that oxygen is toxic too) were not the dominant or most abundant life force on the planet anymore. Life was forced to breathe something different, life began breathing oxygen. Eukaryotes emerged which are more complex organisms that have more than one cell. Then when the Permian-Triassic mass extinction event occurred it wiped out 96% of sea creatures and 70% of land animals with a backbone perished. The cause is unknown but perhaps all the culprits of massive volcanism, methane from the sea floor & methane producing microbes helped create this global event. But the global climate changed and it caused mass extinction. It caused so much death that it is known as the one and only mass extinction of even insects. Then there was the last one most people know of where 65 million years ago the dinosaurs died out and the smaller mammals inherited the earth. Those smaller mammals are our ancestors.

I took life’s struggle to exist on earth and compared it to my own life. Please take a moment to this with your life. What are you struggling with? Is this something you should persist with or change?

Think about what may have been possible extinction events or emotional ice ages that you have won over with your survival.

The way nature continues life is the same way you should too. Persist or Change depending on what is presenting itself to you at the moment. Persist with things that work for you. Change the things that do not. If you do not adhere to this you may go the way of the dinosaur and if you master them you may sit atop the world- as humans sit atop all species of animals.

This 4.5 billion years of life that preceded this moment that led to this moment while you are reading this text to become reality is truly a miracle. It is a miracle by my understanding because out of all the other realities we could be experiencing this is the chosen one. The moment that all other events have led to, this one is nothing short of a miracle. It is also a miracle of note that all life is related to itself. It is a spiritual moment when I feel that I am at one related to all men and women and all lions and all sea creatures and trees because through this interrelation we have all come here to this moment.

Nicology is ROMANTIC PRAGMATISM. I revel in this miracle. That it is now, it is here. This is where I derive the romantic part, every moment is such a wonder of wonders. I am in love with it. I am romantic. If you are hung up on your failures and cannot see this now do not worry stay with me. You will turn tragic into magick as I and the whole of humanity have done time after time.

The Pragmatist part is a part of choosing to pull the right “lever.” Persisting is one lever and the other is change. I reject what does not do me any good. You ought to begin doing the same. And if reading what I write helps you contact me I would love to hear.


The first lever of success is persistence so please be patient my friend. Sometimes you must keep going at it but you must do so with different strategies. Patience and persistence are inextricably connected. It is truly hard to fathom the length of time 4.5 billion years is but life has persisted this long including making huge changes. I like this as a metaphor for my life as a microcosm and you should for yours as well. You survived an “ice age” (things going wrong) by “growing fur to keep you warm.” You could interpret this as you survived losing your romantic interest by growing a thicker layer of skin that began to grow as you started to learn YOUR TRUE VALUE in society!

Keeping a positive attitude is necessary in order for you to persist. The road may be long but at the end if you do not give up you will find your personal heaven on earth. It will be all you have dreamed of because it will be here on earth. Your attitude must be steeled that you will every day persist with a positive outlook toward your goals no matter the odds. You must make the goals and solutions rise keep focus on them.

It took life persistence to keep on with all the growing over 4.5 billion years.

Pull the persistence lever for all things that help you in life.

The second lever is change. Sometimes you may persist but things keep getting in your way. Things may not be working out. This is where you may change your strategy.

Pull this lever for all things that are giving you trouble. What can you do to change them??? You may change your strategy or change your mind about what you want completely.

To put it simply all things in life are a matter of persisting your current strategy of life or evolving or changing to a different strategy


Pull the right lever! Persist or change course by stopping and changing strategy!


The other lever for success is Change aka evolution. Life did this “changing” too it is called evolution. Genes that did not work out died. In the same way habits that do not suit you or bring unintended consequences must CHANGE.

It also took even more CHANGE of extreme sorts to survive these extinction events. Life at one time had to change to start breathing oxygen. That is an extreme change or evolution. Think about this now with your current life. If you are experiencing a mini “ice age” or extinction event perhaps you must evolve a new strategy in order to continue persisting (life).

We must always persist but if it is not working out we must change our strategy and persist some more. Every species that died off was a failed attempt at life by nature. However nature used every failed attempt as a learning experience and persisted. So therefore as NATURE has provided failure is always supposed to be a learning experience.

I have survived one or two personal extinction events and perhaps a lifetime of personal ice age. But that is over now. Now it is simply about fine tuning strategies that I know work. If you want to live well and thrive you must be able to persist and also must have the ability to change what is not working in my life into things that do work. You must develop personal practices that work well for you. Think about your personal survival time line…

I want to thrive on this planet like nature itself. I will also do what works for me in order to do so. Life is my guide, nature my witness.

Persistence and Adaptability (being able to change) are core to SUCCESS. Never stop and always keep changing until you SUCCEED!

I breathe all of this in UNDERSTANDING my GODLIKE ability to create and change. The ability to persist through failures (extinction events).

Through the study of life you and I have taken we know three things.

  1. We came from all this chaos and are therefore all related and all are Miracles of Chance.
  2. It takes persistence, life is a process. In order to be successful we must persist through our failures. Failures are defined as learning experiences.
  3. It takes change as a result of our failures. But change that works for us. This is our personal evolution.

Give us your perspective!