The Devil

Nicodemus Hilaire Since we are in this between time between the Holidays and Halloween there is a tendency to have misunderstandings and mixed feelings. By instilling a simple amount of self reflection I hope to rid the world of some human suffering. This goes naturally with undertaking the explanation of The Devil Card as well Continue reading

This Hindu Parable

 Brought to you by Nicodemus Hilaire (I did not write this story.) Whatever bad things that has happened to you will not stop you from enjoying life and experiencing your True Will. I am going to share with you a Hindu Parable. I have had my own experience with awful things but the sharing of Continue reading

Women Are Not Complicated. Dating Behavior Explained.

15% Off GE + Free Delivery on $999 + No Tax* *excludes NY How to Be A Man and Love Women Properly I Encourage Women to Read This as Well… (Women Reading this will Also Be Able to Organize their Feelings and Gain a Larger Understanding of Masculinity.) By: Nicodemus Hilaire Most of my time Continue reading

What is Magic Spirituality?

What is Magic? By: Nicodemus Hilaire and his brother Robert Athame The Invisible Key Used Books, Free Shipping Starting from $3.48, 6 Million UsedBooks in stock. Including OLD RARE & NEW TEXTBOOKS! Now with Free Shipping worldwide! In every book store you will find a New Age, Spiritual or Self Development section. Many of these Continue reading

Science & Spirituality Best Friends Forever

Science & Spirtuality BFF Club Fever! 1&1 Virtual Private Servers By: Nicodemus Hilaire and now I will get serious… Somewhere along our development as humans, spirituality and science which is our method of understanding the world around us became two different things. This is not the case at all… In the beginning there was NATURE. Continue reading

The Commitment Formula

The Commitment Formula By: Nicodemus Hilaire *Special Man’s Perspective Tip- Pushing for commitment is not a good idea in my opinion. If you really want it… Spend that time creating a real connection with your partner and he will think it is his idea. Today we are going to learn the commitment formula. Which when Continue reading

The Rise Of Alternative Or New Age Spirituality

The Rise Of Alternative Or New Age Spirituality By: Nicodemus Hilaire Reveal your shocking future – Get a FREE Psychic Reading The concept of new age spirituality is absolutely different from the traditional one. The concepts of formal religions which may include central organization, holy text, creed, dogma, ordained clergy, formal membership, geographic center etc. Continue reading

An Intro to Romantic Pragmatism

Romantic Pragmatism. A Small Introduction & 5 Steps to It. By: Nicodemus Hilaire You are going to fall in love with WINNING, this is just the BEGINNING. Romanticism and Pragmatism mated. I am going to tell you how their baby Romantic Pragmatism is a skillfully assertive way of life that leads to success, time and Continue reading

Is the Tarot Evil? Spiritual? Self-Help?

The Tarot is a Common Tool I Use to Help Others By Gaining Perspective that May Have Not Been Thought of Otherwise as Well As A Self Help Tool for Myself… But is the Tarot Evil? Spiritual? A method of Self-Help? By: Nicodemus Hilaire Over the years I have been amazed at the amount of Continue reading