The Devil

Nicodemus Hilaire Since we are in this between time between the Holidays and Halloween there is a tendency to have misunderstandings and mixed feelings. By instilling a simple amount of self reflection I hope to rid the world of some human suffering. This goes naturally with undertaking the explanation of The Devil Card as well Continue reading

How to Create A Spirit To Do Your Will

The Ali Express- Which is the Amazon & E-bay combined of Asia has opened to the West w/ off Crazy Inexpensive Prices I could not even believe… Our most popular products. Updated weekly. Up to 20% off! Golem or Egregore Creation: How To Create A Spiritual Being/Egregore For Your Own Purposes: Modern Paganism : Have Continue reading

Is the Tarot Evil? Spiritual? Self-Help?

The Tarot is a Common Tool I Use to Help Others By Gaining Perspective that May Have Not Been Thought of Otherwise as Well As A Self Help Tool for Myself… But is the Tarot Evil? Spiritual? A method of Self-Help? By: Nicodemus Hilaire Over the years I have been amazed at the amount of Continue reading