Would You Rather Have Your Leader Believe in God or not?

Would you rather have your leader of your country believe in God or not. The default position is for one to simply desire a leader who has the same belief system that they do. In this presentation I am going to try and shed light to a very bewildered group of people that very much do not understand each other with some reason and facts. I will also give my opinion on the issue at large in hopes that people can come to a greater understanding.

We will also take a brief look at some of the leaders throughout history. But let us first understand what we are dealing with on this issue as a society and take small glimpse at our past.

The Christians in America feel that it is important to have a President that at the very least acknowledges the divine. How do people who do not believe in God, pagans and people with more spiritual rather than religious beliefs come to grips with why this is so important to people.  Most people in this category think that religion is out-dated. They feel as if any political leader who mentions God must be “crazy” or “delusional.” There is some truth to this because if you took the ENTIRE Bible for its word then you MIGHT believe that the end times amount to an apocalyptic confrontation between those that are evil and those that are good. You could then believe that someone with these beliefs could create a self-fulfilling prophecy. This is a Mighty Big “Might!”

I used to be one of those people. But as a person who is consistently learning I have changed my opinion. There has been a decline of Christianity in Western Society since the 90’s. This is the reason I do not troll Christianity. It is not tyrannical and it is not on the rise. In fact it has become way too easy and cliche to troll Christianity. It has not only become to easy and cliche but I believe it has become unnecessary and bad to troll Christians. Here is why…

  • If a Leader believes in a God we KNOW that he does NOT FANCY HIMSELF A GOD. Think about the megalomaniacs in history…
  • We all know people cherry pick with their religious beliefs. We know this because of the constant contradictions inside all and many if not all of the “Holy Scripture” in the world. On a larger level the mere fact that there are different denominations within certain faiths reinforces this idea.
  • The separation of church and State has been fought to bloody ends in Europe. It has been ingrained in our culture. For centuries medieval monarchs in Europe ruled with divine right. Divine Right is the belief that God has chosen you to rule. The concept of separating church and state is often credited to the writings of English philosopher John Locke (1632–1704). According to his principle of the social contract, Locke argued that the government lacked authority in the realm of individual conscience, as this was something rational people could not give up to the government for it or others to control.
  • We have not found something to replace religion. Philosophy has been the choice of mine and others but we are NOT a nation of philosophers. In order to be a philosopher someone must use reason and evidence to come to logical conclusions. BUT, not everyone thinks as we have seen in the post “What is corruption and Evil.”

There has been untold death from what is called “Imperial Cultism“. This is where a leader believes himself a God and thus cannot be questioned. Think about trying to question one of the God Kings of the past. Here is a small list…

  • The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt.
  • The Japanese Emperors up to World War 2.
  • Inca Emperors in pre-Columbian Peru.
  • Many Roman Emperors were declared Gods by the Roman Senate.

If a Leader believes in some type of Divinity we can find SOME humility inside the leader. He believes in something bigger than himself. To me that is reassuring of maturity.

We are human beings, we are different and we can ACCEPT that. We are FREE to walk our own paths.

This thought experiment is dedicated to http://victimsofcommunism.org/

Nicodemus Hilaire

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