This Girls Got It…

This Girl’s Got It

By: Nicodemus Hilaire

Shelly has been an Ask Nico girl for over 3 years. Throughout this time Shelly would always give me breathtaking photos that I would use as a laptop wallpaper. Throughout this time knowing her I have seen her become conscious of her ability to direct and control her life. I looked to continually foster this ability.  In her old life she mothered wonderful children, but in this new life she would have to make many many hard choices. She was beginning to change as a result of a huge life decision. This change is a true act of magic and perhaps the greatest.

For how hard is it for one to truly change oneself?


Well if you are one of the many who wish that something in their environment would magically change I have advice for you.  The fastest way to change your environment is to change yourself. Change yourself and the things around you change rather quickly.

After making an incredibly difficult life choice, Shelly was cosmically challenged into being locked into a situation almost exactly like the former. Fortunately for her she had become more Lion than lamb. Shelly was using her spirituality to make herself and those around her stronger rather than would-be victims. Even more aptly put this Lioness saved herself from being in an another unhealthy relationship that would silence her dreams and aspirations towards the outer world. For many she can serve as an everyday role model that if something is not working for you, let it be. Change is good. I am sure that a free spirit will soon roll into her life if that is what she wants and seeks. Shelly has listened to her True Will which is that part of you that gets louder when everything else is quiet. It is that whisper inside that tells you when something is right or wrong.

Shelly is now changing occupations and becoming more and more of a professional photographer by the day. She is going through schooling for graphic design and is now sharing her passion for professional photography of landscapes while hiking. She just happens to live in the perfect place for it. She lives in South Ogden (Utah) which is surrounded by nature and natural parks.  Her pictures are jaw dropping. The beauty of these pictures does not come from her body or the camera. It comes from the fact that this is her True Will.  This is her passion. There is also nothing better in life than making one’s passion pay for one’s lifestyle. In this way my friends one may attain happiness because their work is not “work” but their true spiritual desire the True Will.

Personally I feel that there is something ephemerally beautiful about every picture Shelly takes. It as if a little piece of that large spiritual flame that is Shelly is contained in each one.

Shelly has become more conscious of her spirituality and a MUCH MORE POWERFUL WOMAN FOR IT.

She lives life on her own terms. In fact she is the ultimate role-model for her cubs, er -I mean children. 😉

But what is truly remarkable about Shelly is that she realized she needed change and did not hide. She sailed the seas of change and found herself a better “sailor” for it. However this certain beauty that is to all that Shelly creates, can be yours as well. All you must do is follow your True Will.

Now hold your breathe…. Prepare to be visually assaulted… Clicking any of these pictures will take you to her store.

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