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By: Nicodemus Hilaire and now I will get serious…

Somewhere along our development as humans, spirituality and science which is our method of understanding the world around us became two different things. This is not the case at all…

In the beginning there was NATURE. Mankind became part of nature with one GIANT EXCEPTION!

Mankind has the ability to rapidly adapt to an environment.

Mankind does not only survive, it thrives. Early humans learned to master fire for self defense, nourishment, war and ceremony. A little bit further in time the mastery of fire leads to metallurgy and further purification, quantification and ultimate understanding of the world itself.

Yet for all the differences we have with animals are similarities are striking and a common theme for my personal enlightenment and the few this path chooses to walk down. We are animals with the ability to be something more. It is not inherited gained or bought.

Mankind with its rational understanding of the world no longer is part of the food chain but invents the concept of the food chain.

Once man no longer  feared predator animals, our intuition focused on society and the betterment of a unit of individuals. The dividends or our earnings of such an investment accrue into everything we see around us namely CIVILIZATION. This concentration really paid off beyond our wildest dreams. In a later blog I am going to list various threats to our civilization in 2016, because they are so dire that I must do so instead of talking about romance. The Romance blogging will continue however….

For those not following my lead , the ability of humans to reason and solve problems without the daily struggle to find food allowed us to plan for the future. THIS LAST POINT IS CRUCIAL AND LEADING TO A SEGMENT ON THE PROBLEMS OF MODERN 2016.

Since the beginning of civilization spiritual beliefs never truly conflicted with the search for knowledge. Science embraced  Paganism, Animism and Pantheism which  were spiritual beliefs that pervaded all of life and it did not conflict with science. On the contrary young boys could look up to Thor and Hercules and know that you must be strong for your people for your women and for all that you hold dear and sacred in the world. These heroes were role model gods and helped keep society strong. Young Isis Athena or Astarte usually gave women the truth of female life that of seductress and mother and also a valued member of society. Many of the female gods had a dualist nature to them. To talk at great length about this message me or comment below.

The Ancient Greeks, Romans, Macedonians, Persians (what is Iran before Islam) embraced an advanced understanding of engineering, physics, and mathematics alongside deeply rooted spiritual beliefs. The two paths  of spirituality and science lived in peace and resulted in the greatest innovations in history which we just recently rediscovered. The Ancients invented the concept of scientific discovery, basically, understanding the behavior of weight, distance, speed, density, volume, light, buoyancy, motion, metal robots without electricity and even flight. We humans did this all without a computer nor a calculator. A purely spiritual force drove all these innovations. Spiritual drive compelled certain blessed individuals to share their divine sight and understanding of nature with the rest of us. With all that was gained from channeling this inner spirituality, even more was lost centuries in the future.

Eventually spirituality was hijacked by religion. Spiritualism and the worship of the divine is big business and big brainwashing. When greed turned its evil eye directly toward the coin, it no longer became a tribute to the gods or goddesses which were role models and ideal versions of ourselves. Instead of the gods being spiritual role models of strength to boys and beauty/romance and fertility for girls, we had a guilty complex religion in formation and another even more hard to understand growing in the mist. What they preach is not Strength & Civility.  I will tell you they are Christianity with 30% of the world now adhering and Islam with 21% of the world adhering. Christianity with approximately 2 billion adherents and Islam with approximately 1.6 billion adherents. With adherents in the billions I do not have to tell you these are billion dollar industries. They are with some exceptions big business, greed and brain wash. Being a Western man I do not think that all of Judeo-Christian values are bad, at times it has held our civilization together when we had nothing else.  But I do find it incredible and unbelievable the story of Christ and if you wish to talk to me about my feelings on Christ comment below or message me. I welcome intellectual debate but if all you wish is to try and convert me to Christ or Mohammed. You have been warned, you will find the devil you seek so devoutly. Otherwise I would love to speak in intimate detail, these are important issues and I cannot waste my time with those that are closed off.

When Rome was sacked in 476 AD, (1540 years ago this year 2016) the best friends forever club of spirituality and science parted ways. Greed attracted the not-so-spiritual to the business of religion forever destroying the understanding between the divine and rational understanding of the natural world.

The time between the fall of Rome and the beginning of rediscovery is known as the first dark ages and the middle ages.

These two periods were the worst in human history. Religion in the Western World was monopolized by the Catholic Church all unknowns were the realm of God and not to be questioned. In the East, Islam would later begin attacking the West for 600 years that finally led to the Crusades. Senseless religious wars were going on for nearly one thousand years. Islam ruled Sicily for some two hundred some years and made head ways into Spain. It had to be beaten from Germany and further expelled south twice already. Look at Europe now? What do you think will happen??? Honestly… This is a place of freedom and strength. Anyone who trolls or hurts people in my “home” needlessly will be destroyed by me. Especially if you hurt a woman trying to learn, I will make a terrible mockery of you. If you doubt me go on ahead, make my day. Give me your insight below or message me on Facebook or Skype: Nicodemus.hilaire

For More on Islam in a short concise way go Here:

To understand the drastic shift of perception marketed by the post Roman Catholic Church is to understand the sudden disappearance of all that is known. The fall of Rome destroys trade, business, medicine, innovation, safety, food, water, families and all structure in daily life. It became a land of every man for themselves.

The Catholic Church along with all their mythology, forced itself on society as the answer to the question……

“Where did everything that was ever known go?” Unfortunately surrendering life’s structure to mythological fiction motivated by greed and power allows no room for truly spiritual men driven by divine insight to understand their world. From this point Science did not exist publicly, unless done in secrecy.

The Renaissance of the 1400’s ushered by Da’Vinci, Galileo, et al, co- conspired the merger of science and the divine.

I believe as a Western man speaking to you that IT IS HIGH TIME WE NO LONGER BELIEVE THE LIE THAT SPIRITUALITY AND SCIENCE ARE INCOMPATIBLE. When we do we are divided and weak. We must understand Science gives us proof and evidence that certain spiritual practices are even GREAT for us. With the advent of the internet it is time for you to define your spirituality and understand that without science lies great and terrible darkness. Be like Mighty Thor and Ishtar and find your own path. You will learn. You will learn what others call “magic” this way. And you will change, this I guarantee you. Nicology is about climbing the ladder of stars to your own heaven then bringing it down to earth for you to enjoy.

Thank you for Reading. Current Events around the globe have called into question what I should be writing about. I am well known and honored by being pursued and paid for romantic advice and insight. This will not change however, my topics will always change and always be dynamic. Instead of establishing a specific client niche to profit off of, I am providing sunlight and truth to a world that unknowingly is in a very precarious spot. A year from now, I wish to be wrong about this precarious nature in our world that I will write about in an upcoming blog.

Give us your perspective!