An Intro to Romantic Pragmatism

Romantic Pragmatism. A Small Introduction & 5 Steps to It.

By: Nicodemus Hilaire

You are going to fall in love with WINNING, this is just the BEGINNING.

Romanticism and Pragmatism mated. I am going to tell you how their baby Romantic Pragmatism is a skillfully assertive way of life that leads to success, time and time again.

For those who are not so much a “philosopher” and do not understand a term here and there in this post, do not worry I am going to take care of you and explain it quickly for instance;

Romanticism (for further reading)

Romanticism or being a Romantic has been characterized by believing that our intense emotions deep within our human soul have the ability to make a difference in the outer world. Not only that but through this intense emotion, the individual him or herself is capable of the type of transcendentalism that makes us human. The story of professional athletes and great engineers that push themselves to the limits of what humanity has ever done before can be seen as quite romantic.

The story of enduring love from one human to another from this point of view is extraordinary only because it is distinctly human. It is one way that us Romantics show that us human beings can be more than vicious apes that bash each others skulls. A romantic views love, mankind and the world as all good things. We all have that inner calling inside to a romanticized version of ourselves that beats all of the odds. This is what we call Romantic this notion to be better and that the individuals ability to be better is one of the defining characteristics of humanity.

Pragmatism (For Further Reading)

Pragmatics is an approach that assesses the truth of meaning of theories or beliefs in terms of the success of their practical application.

If you have a Pragmatic attitude then you judge actions as good or bad based on how successful they are in advancing your goals or whatever it is that is important to you.

In My Laboratory looking for the equation of success….


Romance and Pragmatism are the perfect match. These two words when exclusive encompass their own philosophies. But as the old  Latin occult saying goes “Solve Coagula” 1 “the sum is greater than their parts.” It means that when two things are put together, what they are together is better than what they were apart from one each. I would go along with the old saying especially in this case. I find that when I add my Romantic View and Pragmatist View Together You Get Something Far Superior. That interpretation is what I call Romantic Pragmatism. It is my personal philosophy and I am in the midst of writing a book to explain it.

Romantic Pragmatism

When I find that I adhere to my own personal practice of Romantic Pragmatism I find that I do not get hung up on things that do not help me or waste my time. I am not a slave to the idea of thinking that I am in love with someone who does not reciprocate or that I am hopelessly addicted to some drug or any other pitfall. I am free to embrace self love. A Self Love that gives back to myself and others a hundred fold.

I consistently reinforce the idea that I love those things that are good for me and mankind.

I am in love with what works for me. I am in love with what does good to me.

I love those things that propel me toward that idealized version of myself.

I am in love.

If you think this is selfish, ask yourself the following.

Is it not better for everyone around you the stronger you get? Your lovers? Your children? Your business relationships?

Here are 5 Steps In Order To Help You Start Thinking as a Romantic Pragmatist

  1. Failure is unavoidable you will fail at relationships and all types of tasks in life. You MUST recognize failure in any area of life as only a learning experience. Also since it was no good for you throw it out, and try again with a different strategy. Believe it or not failure is part of Success. Recognize it as such, and know that when you fail it is a good thing because you have just learned a little bit more on how to be successful. Thomas Edison (inventor of the light bulb) wrote that he did not succeed he had only found a thousand ways that do not work.
  2. Focus on Solutions not Problems. There is absolutely always something you could be doing to make yourself more qualified for that dream job. There is always a workout you can do to become even more attractive. There is also much more to focusing on Solutions than one thinks. There is always the matter of probability. Everything that you do toward your goal increases the probability of achieving your goal. I call this Fixing Probability.
  3. Learn at all times from all people by watching them closely. Watch especially the most successful of all people. Take careful observation of what works and does not work. You will also become better at people reading. I do this all the time, and it is an amazing habit.
  4. Consider the holistic point of view, or the Big Picture. If you start truly loving what is good for you will learn that you just might have to lose a battle to win a war. EVEN if you are right & NO MATTER who it is that you are fighting with or regardless of the topic what is important is the bigger picture. YOUR SUCCESS & HAPPINESS IS AT THE LINE.
  5. Be grateful for what successes you do have and see what use they may be in creating greater success.

By practicing this you may not only benefit yourself but as a result ALL OF THOSE AROUND YOU AND PERHAPS ALL OF MANKIND.

1 Solve Coagula is written across the arms of Baphomet in Tarot Card 15. It is written because he is in the form of all thing man woman animal. For a further explanation about this saying contact me.

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