7 Signs Your Relationship is on the Right Swing.

By: Nicodemus Hilaire

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Now no relationship is perfect but I have compiled some signs that show a relationship is SUCCESSFUL- AFTER the initial hurdles of establishing MUTUAL ATTRACTION are found. Now it is a good thing that most relationships do NOT work out because despite the cynics when you meet someone IT SHOULD BE EASY. Now everything will not be all “honeymoon” but when you do meet that someone obstacles you work on will bring yourself closer. This is a good sign. You can gain that holy sanctimonious intimacy where “you are mine and I am yours forever.”

Now many other things like a sense of humor or financial stability may be important to you. But if you have a majority of these things YOUR RELATIONSHIP WILL RUN THE TEST OF TIME. You also have a chance at working on the rest in a way that brings you closer together.

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  • There is no underlying element of doubt.
  • There is no element of drama.
  • You feel that your lover is worthy of respect by yourself and others.
  • You agree about important issues like various lifestyle choices.
  • You feel no desire to explain yourself.
  • Nothing is scary or off topic to talk about.
  • Consistent affection.

If you have questions about your relationship and want to make it better or want to have a talk about it with an expert who has done this for years go ahead and schedule a Romance Reading. This is a simple down to earth hour where you are the center of my universe and we talk through the issues that surround your relationship and how to get past them if this is what you wish to do.

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