Odin Will Give You MAN.

The picture is actually Thor fighting the giants. Men that will fight giants are what you biologically crave. It is the painting by  Mårten_Eskil_Winge_- Thor fights the giants. For those who have ears and for those who have eyes…

The Pagan Gods of Ancient Europe all symbolized virtue. You see in a true “Patriarchal Society” women are valued above money because they are more associated with virtue. To a man with virtue a woman is someone you would want to know for the rest of your life. You would also wish to reproduce to create a greater Tribe, Nation and/or country. In such a system motherhood which is something sacred would have a definite purpose. As a man myself the strongest men are the ones who contain this virtue. Their is a grounding effect to people who engage in this tribalism. They love their own as they would naturally do. There is no way of destroying their unwavering strength. I know there is a hum of many things happening in the world today. I am trying to give you signs to separate the good from the bad men in the coming days months or years. This will help you. Nature is divine is it not? If not nature what do we trust? A Man must not be in battle with his nature.

To these men those Gods are only avatars of the virtues they will imbue. In this way there is a certain sanity to the mysticism. Like Odin I will Love My Daughter. This is the way I like to think. Let me tell you something too. There is no way that Odin’s daughter will want for anything. In the coming political hellfire that is going to envelope this world you ladies are very important. After all it is my theory that Western Civilization has freed it’s daughters unto greater lengths than any other tribe group or nationality. And to the FREE-EST GO THE MOST RESPONSIBILITY! Why do I not see mobs of feminists protesting their spiritual sister’s evil Sharia law. Sharia law is the largest instrument on earth used to harass maim and scorn women across the world. It is all very telling, is it not? I will let you draw your own conclusions.

It will not always be easy to tell which men are on the side of nature.

If a man calls these Pagan Gods from their slumber it is because he is desiring the VERY FIRST VIRTUE.

These men are asking for courage. These men are calling on their mighty forefathers to change history. Do you have the courage to help them? Do you have the courage to join their side?

The ladies at their side can make all the difference. Virtue filled men and women are needed more than ever.

I would choose to live in no other time period than now. Now more than we ever dreamed is possible. Now is the time for courage.

Also please excuse “Muh Jesus” on the last post. It has all too often been to easy to profane or troll Christianity. That is why I do not. On the previous post I endeavored to explore ways in which Christianity may have enriched our culture or at the very least be considered for doing such an honor. 

But those the people that exemplify courage. These people are you… All of you who come to me Seek Your Own Way and are Manifestations of “Frea” in the following painting.

No one is going to mess with Odin’s wife. “Godan and Frea look down from their window in the heavens to the Winnili women in an illustration by Emil Doepler, 1905.” (Godan= Woten = Odin)

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