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The All Seeing Eye Spiritualists -

These are VERY GIFTED PSYCHICS AND SPIRITUALISTS. Proven time and time again they are trustworthy.

YouTube School of Life

This amazing site has advice for loneliness, dealing with snobs and other issues in life. It also will give you a 15-20 minute synopsis of the great philosophers and writers. It is and immensely useful and informative YouTube channel.

Shellee's Spiritual Landscapes

One of the original Ask Nico Girls She Follows Her True Will. Check out Her Jaw Dropping Photography. Please Support Her She is An Amazing Woman and an even Better Photographer as well as an unsung Everyday Hero.


Do you wish to learn real magick? Check out their comprehensive library of all styles and post to the forum with all your questions.


This is a list of blogs on the left that are recently updated where men teach each other "game". You may not be aware of this but this is taught when it is not innate. Many of these blogs are intensely POPULAR! As women you may find it interesting, to say the least.

W3 Schools

Would you like to teach yourself tech? For Free? AMAZING AMAZING TOOL! All the things you would learn in school for free. This is for the those that wish to learn.


Very short YouTube Films that explain extremely complex scientific views on "What is Life?" "Space" & "Human Origins". The beauty and simplicity of this channel cannot be overestimated.ALL THINGS SCIENTIFIC SHORT AND UNDERSTANDABLE FOR ALL!!!