How To Deal With Failure

How to Deal with Failure by: Nicodemus Hilaire

I heard Elon Musk speak one night on a late night talk show. The talk show host kept speaking about what incredible successes he had created. Elon Musk for those that do not know is famous for not only founding E-Bay and PayPal. He is the owner of Space X the first commercial “spaceship” enterprise. Recently a man paid Leonardo DiCaprio $10 million dollars to go to space with him. What a deal right? When someone is paying you $10 million to go to space with you in the early 21st Century it is a phenomenally good day!!! Not all of us get the experience of space flight. But many of us feel the distinct fear of failure. Which I believe is actually a fear of success and you can read about that in my blog here.

Something profound happened to me that night when I heard Elon spoke. It further expanded my view that failure is something natural. The vehicle that draws life seems to evolve when mutations such as tails in humans reach dead ends. Genes die. Nature takes this as a learning experience and evolves/changes its way of creating life. Nature does not give up but animals and humans make love and give birth to a slowly more evolved animal/human. The cycle of literally love making is correcting past failures. I mean literally!

However how Elon responded that night ended up profoundly changing my life. Elon said that everyone remembers him for his BIG SUCCESSES and what they do not know is about his MANY MANY FAILURES THAT HE LEARNED from to make it to this point. He explained it took him hundreds and hundreds of costly failures to get where he is at now. If Elon believed the toxic people that were in his life like they are in most peoples lives he may not be a world power in his own right. You know the toxic people who view you as not good enough, not pretty enough or simply someone to look down on. There is an easy way to deal with these snobs. Live well and leave them to their torturous identities. If they have something bad to tell you in most cases they are much less than you. Unless you provoke someone! šŸ˜‰

This says a whole lot on one of the keys to being successful.


Just like I said in a past post. Even nature takes the failures of life forms it creates as a learning experience and ends up creating different species more adequate for swimming as an example or in our case thinking. We can only postulate what caused us to thrive in competition against Neanderthals. Recent science finds they were much smarter than we thought in our school days. (I always secretly thought so as well but that is for another blog post. =) ) I love talking about ancient mankind!

We must understand success and failure from a logical perspective rather than one of passion. Every failure provides insight into how to be successful. If you think of failures as learning experiences on your way to success, it makes it so much more likely to become successful. This is what Elon explained he had done. I only had to hear this once and it made a permanent mark on everything I do. There are certain things I may still fail at, but I always take it as a learning experience and find what I could have done better! In my opinion this is how one stays DIVINE!

Consider all of your previous failures including inaction as learning experiences. You are about to learn how to win and love it.

Accepting your inner genius and viewing failure as a learning experience is completely in line with my success based philosophy.


  • One of the things I offer is a success based philosophy unlike any other. It celebrates that inner genius inside you and exalts him/her above empty platitudes. It also BEGS your personal spin on it!
  • My success based philosophy is called Romantic Pragmatism.
  • Romantic- conducive to or characterized by the expression of love.
  • Pragmatism- an approach that assesses the truth of meaning of theories or beliefs in terms of the success of their practical application.
  • A Romantic Pragmatist is in love with what works for him/her and knows what works and what does not.

When you fail ask yourself one thing.

What could I have done to do better? Rinse and repeat and perhaps you will be working with our friend Elon on sending men and women to Mars in 2030. This is partly what it takes to be a Nicologist or Romantic Pragmatist! You WILL find yourself succeeding better than before!

Here is a link to a Google search of all of Elon’s plans to colonize Mars. This is NOT fiction. The man is serious! I sure hope he is successful! I have applied to be a part of similar future space colonies. To apply to Elon’s you must be vegan.

There is also something else I want to add to this and this is the spiritual side, about how to deal with failure.

*This has always been a guiding light in my life and I share it with you!

One’s ambitions should always exceed their ability. Lest what is heaven for?

This means that you should always push yourself past what you know you are capable of and if you do…

I promise that you will AMAZE yourself. I have amazed myself time and time again!!!

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