How to Create A Spirit To Do Your Will

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Golem or Egregore Creation: How To Create A Spiritual Being/Egregore For Your Own Purposes: Modern Paganism : Have You Ever Wanted A Spirit to Bring You What You Wish? Here is How…

The Sacred Mysteries Have Their Own Protections Against the Profane

By: Nicodemus Hilaire

I have been long asked about the creation of a true Egregore. I will now explain how to create such a spirit that will do whatever you task of it. If done well your Egregore WILL be able to bring back a lover, heal a friend, bring money into your life or protect one from an enemy.

An Egregore is a spirit that is created by a human being. The creation of such a spirit works perfectly with the laws of physics particularly the first law of thermodynamics that deals with the conservation of energy. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed but it can be changed. When one creates an Egregore they are taking energy and giving it purposefully and willfully into creating a conscious being. This is known in occult circles as an “intelligent”. An intelligent is any being or spirit that has it’s own will.

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“The first law of thermodynamics, also known as Law of Conservation of Energy, states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; energy can only be transferred or changed from one form to another. For example, turning on a light would seem to produce energy; however, it is electrical energy that is converted.”

Source: Boundless. “The Three Laws of Thermodynamics.” Boundless Chemistry. Boundless, 26 May. 2016. Retrieved 02 Jun. 2016 from


Any intelligent being you create will have its own feelings thoughts and will. It’s temperament will be based on what energy kind of energy you make the being from and what kind of energy you feed the being.

It will also gain an understanding of it’s relationship to you based on how you treat it.

You Will Need

  1. A Sculpture (Handmade is Better, But Not Necessarily)
  2. Candles and Incense
  3. A Plate
  4. Periods of Calm & “Toast Mentality” which is the giving of liquor, coins, cigars and the like to the spirit. Basically the more valuable the better.
  5. A cloth sack

This is a step by step guide in the creation of such a spirit. The logic this article presupposes is that those who learn will act like responsible gun owners in regard to the tasks assigned of the spirit.

Setting Up

  1. The Sculpture- The Spirit you create will live inside the statue.  Find or make whatever comes across to you as a spiritual sculpture. It does not matter the distinct aesthetics or looks only that it speaks to you as spiritual virtue. If you are able to create the sculpture it is even better. The energy of your hands will be well established with the molding clay or cement. If you cannot sculpt or do not have the time buy a Statue or Statuette that speaks to you on some deep level. There are many cases of women buying Goddess statues. As I said the nature of the statue is not of such  importance it is that you place importance on it. To take it to extremes you may use a sculpture of the Lucky Charm’s leprechaun if you felt some type of emotional attachment towards it. Use your imagination and make this a fun and creative affair. You must feel out what you feel drawn too.  Remember the spirit will live inside this statue.  Once you sense it, take it with you. Remember that ancient gods were more of “role model gods”, the thought was that young men were to be like Heracles and the women to be like Athena. It is perfectly acceptable to have a statue of an old Norse God. Use whatever speaks to you on a spiritual level, you want to reinforce connection. I chose a statue of Siddartha.
  2. Place the sculpture on the plate. As a way of getting in the “Toast Mentality” begin to throw coins into the bowl or plate that the sculpture lies atop. Begin to do this or pour the spirit any amount of alcohol and just leave it near.
  3. Lay candles near. Know that the energy of every candle gives it life. Place objects in a cloth sack that are representative of what you would like it to protect, and place the cloth sack near the egregore. For instance if you wished your Egregore to protect your child keep something your child has used inside the sack.

I like to pour the wax on the sculpture. The Wax representing my desires harden from being formless to the hard and realness of reality. I also like to take items that represent my desires and let the Wax overtake them knowing it is mine. This echoes the occult saying of “As Above is Below.” It means as in heaven it is on earth. As in my dreams it is in this world. Spirits also like best what is very rare or expensive. Expensive perfumes or chemicals work nicely.


  1. You will have a relationship with this being. Make sure that you are always the Master and the spirit being the servant. Be a very kind Master for best results.

The Creation of the Being / The Creation of the Being

    • It would be good now to purify our minds and being with the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram or Yoga or Chanting. Whatever gets you in the spiritual mood will only strengthen the power of the gifts. Fifteen minutes of dedicating ones consciousness does make all the difference. The more you give in a disciplined manner the stronger it will become. Always try to make the giving representative of your desires.

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