What is Corruption & Evil

Nicodemus Hilaire

It has been a question that has undoubtedly laid its weight on the religious views of people all over planet Earth. It also touched us last week as we fumbled with the answer when I asked on my Facebook page last week. So…

Why does evil and corruption exist at all? Why does human suffering exist at all?

I had asked online to see what people had thought were the causes of so much suffering. This is because it helps illustrate my point. Which is rather an inconvenient truth and this is an important theme between all people I come across. I want them to see that truth even if it is a little inconvenient. It is often cited that envy/jealousy, money and the self is the cause of all evil or suffering. But that is precisely the point. The source of all corruption and evil is hard to cope with and difficult to understand so it is easy for us to point out the symptoms that bother us the most. You could see that most people answered money or jealousy/envy. Well money could not be the source of all corruption and evil because all money ever is is denim or numbers on a screen it is the way they are used that make them gain this reputation. Yes this is the same argument as spoons make Rosie O’Donnel fat.

To those who chose anything Eastern, I think it is quite awesome to have a self and gratify it from time to time. I think that instead of leaving your “self” behind is unhealthy. Too help you understand…

I will ask this: “Who is a perfect man of yoga?” Anyone who does as they are meant to do. In the Eastern philosophies the all is the same as the nothing and for that matter some of us would be created to be that evil cog in the machine correct? And their would be nothing evil about it correct? It would be their nature. This is why I do not feel bad gratifying my ego.

Facebook user “Pedro Texeira da Mota” who responded sociopathy was closest along my lines of thinking. By suggesting sociopathy he was saying that  there is something very wrong with our thinking. He is right. While sociopaths may cause a disparate amount of evil to those around them that is because there thinking is deeply rooted in wrong. But also that of almost all around us. In fact the answers of jealousy and envy also imply incorrect thinking. To explain sociopathy quickly and without clinical talk let’s use the following movie.

The most popular pop culture reference that comes to my mind when it come to Sociopathy is the movie “American Psycho.” The character Patrick Bateman tends kills fellow New Yorkers others while reciting the rock n roll history of “Huey Lewis and the News.” Patrick had no ability to show remorse and this is the classic sign of the sociopath/psychopath.

The truth is that we are notoriously bad at thinking and do not know what to do about it. This simple fact allows a Pandora’s box of evil and corruption into the world. From the child that is told to hush and that “this is just the way things are” to the partisan adult armed with propagandized talking points from his political party to the religious man who does not believe in evolution, people are provided with easy answers in a world where easy answers can have terrible repercussions.

There are no absolutes in this world. We cannot even abide by a “non-aggression” principle and a respect for private party. What is more troubling is that no one is taught how to think logically through a problem or simple principles like those above. People do not have a skeptical approach to knowledge and their curiosity is often squelched. People are sold any belief system that suits them with less then logical arguments. The woman obsessed with shopping and looks and the man engaged in holy war have one thing in common. Both of them have accepted an ideology that they have not thought about consumerism and Islamic extremism respectively. If they had thought about this logically the woman may have thought well I want to protect my credit rating. If the man thought logically he would perhaps think “maybe it is better to try and make heaven on earth, I do not have tangible things I can hold in my hand as proof of this reward for martyrdom.”

These are logical errors that go all wrong. And then there is my generation. The millennial generation that has seen no blood yet thinks the world is owed unto them. Who invite wolves into their camps, woe be to them. The more and more people take ideas based on feelings and emotions as their understanding of the world the more evil there will be in the world. I am an older millennial and can easily see that the younger ones are not taught to think with the same logical consistency or sophistry that our forefathers had done. When you think critically you must start with only logic and come to a logical answer.

The truth is we do not know how to think and we are not good about coming to terms with it. It is that people everywhere are passed with half truths and it is breeding tremendous evil everywhere. This is the wellspring from which all corruption and evil come from.

So how do we stop this?

I mean what is Nationalism but a pretext of virtue? A good one!

What is the Church but a giant machinery to take away thought?

This is why pretending to love someone is evil. But NOT LOVING someone is completely ok and understandable in every situation. No one is owed anything. But to pretend to love someone is a corrupted thought and idea.

I believe that THE ONLY WAY we stop this is to stop yelling down our children “IT’S THIS WAY BECAUSE IT IS!” and begin to produce people who love to question and are curious.

ALSO TO FOLLOW THE NON AGGRESSION PRINCIPLE AND THIS INCLUDES OUR CHILDREN. We cause far more harm than we understand when we hit our young. The non aggression principle is simply to never become aggressive unless in self defense. I will go into this more in a later blog… 

Look up “critical thinking” and do so… Here are 7 ways to do so and begin lowering of evil in the world.

7 Ways to Think More Critically
  1. Ask Basic Questions. “The world is complicated. …
  2. Question Basic Assumptions… (Is there really a heaven?) (Are we really soulmates?)
  3. Be Aware of Your Mental Processes… (Is my heart or mind ruling?)
  4. Try Reversing Things. (Put yourself in the shoes of others…)
  5. Evaluate the Evidence. …
  6. Remember to Think for Yourself. …
  7. Understand that No One Thinks Critically 100% of the Time

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 Take care much LOVE, NICO




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