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At the moment of this post there are 93 days until the NFL kicks their 2016/2017 season.

But the “game” I am here to talk to you about is COMMITMENT. This is about how you can use football to gain commitment.

You want commitment from a man and honestly who does not want a committed loving partner?

I have given romance readings and life coaching sessions for women for many years and I am going to tell you how you can use this NFL season to help your chances GREATLY of achieving such commitment. Many women let their desire for commitment undermine them. They begin pushing and pulling men to make a serious long-term commitment. Not only is this very counter-productive in MOST cases it is against the VERY FABRIC of what makes long-term commitment work. The bedrock of commitment is time shared laughing, sharing stories and generally having a good time. The reason for this is that any woman can give me sex. But I as a man will NOT choose to get along with just any woman for a long-term commitment. I MUST be able to GREATLY enjoy my time with her in order to EVEN THINK ABOUT SUCH A COMMITMENT.

Every woman I have ever met wants a STRONG man. Now the reasons why men love American football so much is because it is a STRATEGIC GAME OF WAR. It is about STRENGTH. It takes the strength intelligence and resilience of one group of men to beat the other group of men. In this way American Football plays to the very DNA of men. Not all men understand why they enjoy the appeal of the war game nor does it appeal to all men. Not all men who watch are strong. But many of the ones who do enjoy it do because of the STRENGTH it takes on so many fronts to win this game. I am now going to tell you a story that will show you how you can use football season to lay some of the bedrock for commitment without any of the pushing and pulling that undermines so many otherwise perfectly healthy relationships. This scenario happened by chance but it does not have too. Listen and learn. In regards to “Commitment 101” this is Differential Equations.

I had become involved with a woman while at the University of Central Florida. I had already gained my undergraduate degree. One of the things that brought me and my ex-love together was that we both were of high intellect. That being said when I began watching football every Sunday she told me she did not understand why I would enjoy such a “dumb game”, the rules of the game or it’s appeal to me. She told me that she had asked her brother to explain the rules to her and that he would act deaf to her many appeals to learn. When she told me this I invited her to watch with me and to ask about anything that she did not understand. She asked many many questions and very importantly I noticed that she was not trying to compete with the game for my attention. She rather wanted to enjoy something WITH me. Now men love the company of women and I loved her company at the time. So I happily and enthusiastically explained away to her. During this time we had another opportunity to bond. ALSO VERY VERY IMPORTANTLY, she discovered that she also LOVED the game and still does now. She still enjoys it. I am happy to have given this to her. (Continued below.)

Football season is 3 months away. If you find yourself in this situation and are with a man of mutual attraction. ASK HIM if you could watch with him but ask the rules. You will find that most men would be happy to do this with you. We LOVE female company. In this way as long as YOU ADD TO THE EXPERIENCE rather than try to compete with it the two of you will grow in love all the more for it.

Remember laughs and good times are the cornerstones of a good relationship and voluntary commitment. Embrace the moment to make something positive.

Work Smart Not Hard! Unless you Must!

With Great Love,

NICODEMUS HILAIRE- to get a one hour Psychic Romance Reading or Life Coaching Session with me schedule it on my Romance Readings page and I will contact you or feel free to contact me.

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