Yes, Now Let us Look at Christianity.

“Personal Jesus” by Nicodemus Hilaire

I wanted to know what people thought so I placed this comment out. This is what I think about Christianity for the present day and will also display the reasons I never troll it. We have to examine the Good and the Bad, and honestly there is no pleasing everyone. So for those who wish to think about the current era and what it means for our future read away.

24 threads of comments and topics from Christ, Socialism, Easternism and Satanism erupt. I enjoyed the time.

Every once in a while someone who is BIG INTO CHRISTIANITY asks for a session with me. Sometimes they get the wrong idea about me. There is nothing I can do to please a crowd that may find a picture threatening or offensive BUT- WHAT I CAN DO- Is explain why it is my belief that we should take a look at Christianity as a whole again. The post shows many insights including on my name.

The “Intelligent” Approach

I believe Christianity needs to have a fresh view taken to it. Jesus never advocated violence or theft. The governments “true role” is supposedly to prevent these transgressions. Perhaps in a Country/State where people have an idea of right and wrong there is less of these thefts and violence? It certainly seems so when you look at rates of countries that have been historically Christian.  How does this relate to people who go on to worship State Power? Are not these “State Power Pushers” the priestly caste of old.

Most Christians do not take a literal translation of the Bible. They do not believe in talking snakes but they do have a sense of right and wrong. There has also been waves of what I call “Active Atheism”, people who discount anyone who believes in God as an idiot and tries to convert them. Do you see where I am getting at here…

It is QUITE HYPOCRITICAL, to endlessly sermonize atheism to any religious group.

However ASK NICO (myself) finds it completely UNETHICAL to destroy someones belief in God without giving them some type of moral compass. If I were having new neighbors move in I would rather them be Christian than Atheist. This is only because I do not have a lot in common with people who have no interest in RIGHT and WRONG. I also believe that when you destroy someone’s spirituality without giving any moral compass it is a complete disservice to them.

I know that a lot of the population have turned to a worship of politics. This only leads to social division. We must have “some” similarity in our “moral compasses.” How do we do this?

800 years ago in Europe for every man that reproduced 17 women would. Christianity pulled the plug on brothels. If you are a man and think this is good, let me put you in perspective. One out of 17 men reproduced/made love during their lives. Remember in the past their was no pill.

Christianity is definitely in need of another look. Let us take it from an institution that affects men women and children, namely that of marriage…

It is my understanding that one example of a way Christianity holds its society together is through the institution of marriage.  Marriage is supposed to be a life-long commitment. It was made to be difficult to get out of originally because we knew how hard it was to stay with one person and for the good of our offspring we were willing to do it. Within the last decades marriage has been made easier to get out of because of legislation. Is this not destroying the fabric of who we are with every single divorce? So if Christianity can be said to keep couples together than it must be said to thwart the ills of SINGLE MOTHERHOOD. To not know what single motherhood costs us would be ignorant of you child or future child’s health.


For other reasons too. There is one I call the life-raft thought. What if Christianity was influential in creating the right atmosphere for society to exist. It certainly had some negative consequences but I believe the positive ones are way over-looked.

  • If indeed God is dead what would you replace him with? What do you actually believe in besides atheism which is a lack of belief in God? We are not a Nation of Philosophers. Perhaps it would be wise for those Activist Atheists to have something to replace God because all men and women do not act well without external consequences. They are many of whom being good are not enough but need “heaven” to get there…
  • The tenets of Christianity have survived with entire populations for approximately 2,017 years. One could argue that Christianity was a part of the formula for the success of certain cultures in the past and present. This fact alone makes it one worth re-examining.
  • Christianity in the United States has been in the decline since the 1990’s. (You can find more elaboration to this on this arrticle of mine.)

WHY WOULD I DO THIS? #theliferaftthought

There is no doubt Christianity played a hand in creating the civilized world of Europe that spread across the world.

If it had a hand in conserving people on Earth for approximately 2000 years, then surely the GOOD that it did MAY BE OF SOME GOOD USE in this new millennium AS WE LEARN what to ACCEPT and make of this NEW ERA.

I NEVER TROLL CHRISTIANITY, because what if it were the Life Raft that brought all that is good in Europe through the Atlantic to the U.S.A.? Would you be so willing to pop it then?

Would you not want to know about BOTH THE POSITIVES AND NEGATIVES before expelling it from culture?

This article is only the beginning and made to be a discussion piece. I say only the beginning because I am looking past the written word in order to get the message though.

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Ciao, Nicodemus Hilaire


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