This Chaplin Clip Will Always Make a Man feel…

By Nicodemus Hilaire

This Chaplin Clip Will Always Make a Man feel a variety of deep emotions. This happens because it is filled with uncomfortable truths of being a man in this world.  “To Obey or Disobey…” It should be in your heart to understand as understanding at an optimal level is similar to breathing. Listen to  the clip. How did it make you feel?

“To be, or not to be: that is the question: Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, Or to take arms against a sea of troubles, And by opposing end them?” Hamlet 3rd Act Shakespeare

This is a clip from Charlie Chaplin’s “The Great Dictator” As was the featured image from the same movie.

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When I first heard saw this, I became a little teary eyed for the sake humanity. This man was a visionary. When you hear a politician or vote remember this speech.

This was done by Charlie Chaplin before the US entered WW2. It is was a satire of Adolf Hitler. The movie was entitled “The Great Dictator.” It was the only time Chaplin spoke in a film. Charlie Chaplin was ahead of his time and this speech holds true NOW MORE THAN EVER. Let me tell you why…

This is the Technological Revolution and it is the most important time in human history as of yet. There is no disputing this truth. Even if for the simple fact that we now have the power to destroy all life on earth. But what is different now than 30 or 80 years ago is the massive potential and incredible new age we have entered.
It is important that you know. It is an important part of your moral responsibility as a human being to know what is going on because you like myself have all become players in how the future of mankind is played out. I will tell you how things have changed. How you are now a player. You are not like the medieval serf who is a slave to the ground he works and plows on everyday. You absolutely can make a difference.  

As a child you read about different periods of time in history like the Industrial Revolution, The Dark Ages or even the Neolithic period of early man.

The different periods of mankind’s existence are often labeled by the “tools” or technology that mankind is using at the time. The Neolithic is the period of time where man had discovered how to use and make stone tools. This period where the use of tools made of primarily stones proliferated 6000 years ago.

It took us approximately 6000 years to get into the Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution gave birth to the factory and mass production. Due to scientific breakthroughs we could now have machines build things for us. The machine like matrix of that time we know now as a factory. Factories mass produce a specific item that can be sold, for far more than the materials used to create such product.

The Industrial Revolution saw the rise of capitalism. Which makes the world a place where there are few who are wealthy.  The poor are sold on the idea that if they spend there whole life working hard they just might become one of the wealthy.  The only difference between this type of society and the ones of Monarchical and Mercantile Europe was that were there was a chance for some to change their social class. When I say some I mean the lucky VERY HARD WORKING few.

If you think of things holistically like I do. You know that there is something very different going on now. This “new revolution” is much MUCH different.

This technological revolution…

Before this man always built a machine for a certain purpose.

Now machines are built with a certain set of instructions. An easy example is the computer. This advancement of being able to “talk” or give machine instructions changes everything. The internet is a large network of machines talking too and giving each other instructions every second of every day. This has in turn created a matrix of people sharing all types of different parts of the human condition or experience with each other. I have a theory that I will explain in another post that I think social media is as revolutionizing to human society as perhaps the wheel or even fire. A large corporation CAN NOW FALL, if a LARGE GROUP OF PEOPLE “TWEET” against it and stir up an “anti” sentiment.


In the last 250 or so years we have advanced as a culture more than the entire history of anatomically modern humans which is approximately 275,000 years long.

It took the telephone 75 years to reach 100 million users worldwide. Candy Crush a popular Facebook game reached 100 million users in little over a year.

That should give you an idea of how fast things are changing.

In fact Ray Kurzweil believes…

“We won’t experience 100 years of progress in the 21st century — it will be more like 20,000 years of progress (at today’s rate),” wrote Kurzweil in 2001.

Mr. Kurzweil also believes that we will achieve the great singularity, think Artificial Intelligence & Interstellar travel by 2045. This is one of the most prominent scientists in the world and many of his peers agree with him. Even if it is not by 2045 it is easy to see that we are progressing faster than we can understand the implications of our growth as a species.

Which all make it SO IMPORTANT we pick a good leader and DO NOT SIT OUT OUR VOTE.


Despite all these advancements in technology, the following are occurring in our world making it even more pressing;

  • The Middle East is in flames. Iraq Syria & Libya are failed states.
  • There is a refugee crisis in crisis in Europe from these countries.
  • This refugee crisis is sparking riots all over Europe.
  • Many developed countries are implementing the new technology in mass surveilance projects in order to keep their countries “safe”.
  • The United States and Russia have reached “Cold War” tensions again.

The amount of free information available to the masses because of the internet eliminates any excuse of ignorance.

The stuff of Science Fiction is now feasible. We now are seeing signs of  insect drones and we have microscopic computers. The world as we know it will be unrecognizable to most in even 20 years.

What happens when there is no need for mankind to work anymore? When all work is done by computers?
Will we be allowed to enjoy our own virtual reality paradises?
Or will we destroy ourselves with nuclear weapons before wee reach this paradise?
Will the same technology that can free us enslave us?

If all the machines did all or most of the work our “worth” assigned to us by the capitalist system setup will fade. Or will it be replaced by something more sinister? As a man or a woman on earth a part of your will has a say in this choice, you are not silenced as of yet.

We could even  all be equals and explore space together! That is of course if we could get the physics down. NASA has an ambitious plan for a Mars colony that is independent of earth by 2030.

The technology that is Social Media makes the voice of the masses unable to be avoided. During the debates they ask US Presidential candidates about topics that trend the highest on Social Media.

You are part of the collective of humanity. You have a voice and some of us a vote.
Think and Speak with your mind.
But never ignore your heart.
Having an open dialogue about what is right and wrong for the course of humanity is a moral responsibility.

We have grown as a civilization from imagining gods that look like us into to becoming them.

Give us your perspective!