The Greatest Teacher

*At the end of this you will have two giant levers in which to act on all that presents itself to you. When I was down and out, I wanted something to learn from. I sought truth and I sought after something larger than me. I thought to myself what is the most successful hero Continue reading

How many couples last? How many people cheat? Relationship dating statistics?

the num9ers The Number The Numbers… By: Nicodemus Hilaire *My middle name is “Q” for Quality. I constantly am asked by a proportion of the Ask Nico Family members concerning relationships and infidelity especially in regard to marriage. Perhaps it is everyone at some point in time and I do not remember however I have Continue reading


7 Signs Your Relationship is on the Right Swing. By: Nicodemus Hilaire SHOP NOW Take 50% off one item + FREE shipping + free mystery gift at AdamEve today! Now no relationship is perfect but I have compiled some signs that show a relationship is SUCCESSFUL- AFTER the initial hurdles of establishing MUTUAL ATTRACTION are Continue reading


When I say asshole during the course of this article I will be referring to a certain kind of man. The perception that a certain man is an asshole is certainly subjective. A$$HOLE$ By: Nicodemus Hilaire -(There is only one!) Computer and Office – Deck your office and home out. Up to 50% off. Arrogance Continue reading

Clever Girls Commitment Football

Clever Girls, Commitment & Football (Clever Girls <3 Football) By: NICODEMUS HILAIRE- to get a one hour Psychic Romance Reading or Life Coaching Session with me schedule it on my Romance Readings page and I will contact you or feel free to contact me. At the moment of this post there are 93 days until Continue reading

Does Cohabitation before Marriage help or hinder a Marriage?

Does Cohabitation before Marriage help or hinder a Marriage? By: Nicodemus Hilaire All in all as a man, I personally believe marriage to be strictly a business/financial move. However others do not and I went through the trouble to sort through the facts about co-habitation and if it improves marriage. If so what are the Continue reading

The Commitment Formula

The Commitment Formula By: Nicodemus Hilaire *Special Man’s Perspective Tip- Pushing for commitment is not a good idea in my opinion. If you really want it… Spend that time creating a real connection with your partner and he will think it is his idea. Today we are going to learn the commitment formula. Which when Continue reading

Myths about Dating & Love

The 5 Myths About Dating and Love By: Nicodemus Hilaire In my many years of guiding women toward the ultimate long term relationship that many of them desire I have found a few myths that consistently get in the way. You see unlike the average blog writer or self appointed expert on romance I spend Continue reading

How to Be More Attractive to Men!

11 Things You Can Do To Be More Attractive From A Man’s Perspective By Nicodemus Hilaire I do romance readings and life coaching and most of my clients are women. While I may get to help them, my aim with this article is to give a MAN’S PERSPECTIVE to the lady loves out there on Continue reading

Relationships. Just One More Chance!

Relationships. Just One More Chance! By: Nicodemus Hilaire Do You Always Want One More Chance? I have been doing Life Coaching and Romance Readings for many many years. I have seen tons of relationships come and go. I have also seen some that do actually weather the tides of time and change. I do see Continue reading