When I say asshole during the course of this article I will be referring to a certain kind of man. The perception that a certain man is an asshole is certainly subjective.


By: Nicodemus Hilaire -(There is only one!)

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Arrogance and over-confidence regarding one’s abilities is perceived as “deserving respect and admiration.” Furthermore, flagrant disregard for rules and, or rude behavior is perceived as a power move with implied self importance. Psychological studies from academic journals across the United States state that men who thought of themselves as agreeable make less money than men who were perceived as not agreeable. Therefore being an asshole makes you more powerful popular and richer. The old adage that “Nice guys finish last and Assholes Triumph is ACTUALLY A PROVEN SOCIAL DYNAMIC. The man who will take what he wants does much better especially when you add a natural selection driven interaction between social groups of the opposite sex.

Before I go any further let me define what I mean by natural selection driven interactions between groups of the opposite sex.

Natural Selection is the scientific term for the process of choosing traits or things you like about the opposite sex that causes you to date them. This term usually only applies to heterosexuals since these traits that we enjoy in the opposite sex are usually passed down into the children we create. Natural Selection obviously takes place almost everywhere since choosing a mate is many times part of the human experience.


I have been asked this several times as you can imagine and the answer to this thought shared by oh so many women is quite illuminating.

If you are a woman who has ever thought why she was continually attracted to assholes think about what you just read. If the characteristics of wealth, power and popularity are the three top priorities sought after when choosing a significant other, then unfortunately assholes will be par for the course. The previous article explaining women will also add an understanding as to why you happen to be attracted to POWERFUL MEN. Do not worry it is completely normal. If you are a woman that does not have any of these characteristics as top priorities you will find that you complain that many of the men you meet are weak or not attractive. Do NOT think something is wrong with you in either case. All of this is completely normal. Check this post out if this is interesting you greatly. It is the previous article.

Get READY. HERE COMES A GRAPH. WITH THE NUMBERS 1 2 & 3! It is OK we will all LIVE and REALLY LEARN WHY WE LOVE WHO WE DO! It is actually my recreation of something that you can observe around you every day when you are looking at the opposite sex for certain traits. This is science that is truly magical. Math Geeks will recognize this immediately. If you are geek be proud of your intelligence my friend. This is the Normal Curve or Distribution and this pertains to ALL TRAITS. I have kept it more word intensive than math intensive because I really want you all to have a better understanding of what it is you are looking for and how easy or difficult it may be rather than thinking one is cursed or any other negative attitude. Later I will give my estimation on the possibility of meeting one of these men with the redeeming qualities you are greatly looking forward too. If for some reason you do not understand contact me I would be happy to entertain conversation on the topic. It is what I currently do for a living. This is the Normal Curve and it holds true for all traits!


Know that the Normal Curve and Distribution are not only scientific ways of looking at any population IT IS A MATHEMATICAL LAW that this distribution takes place in all populations everywhere. This curve will show as long as there is above 30 people selected TRUELY at random.


Now the characteristics most commonly correlated with assholes follow the same bell curve distribution as every other trait an individual can possess. So according to the laws of probability there is a solid chance of meeting an individual in possession of every positive quality of the asshole with completely marginalized negative qualities which would honestly drown the asshole persona in the mixing of traits. You could find an asshole below near the right stick 2 that would certainly still be one but still may be insufferable. It is all up to what you can deal with and what you want personally. I will give an exact estimate momentarily.

Now any trait even an “nice ass” or “firm abs” will be found to be relatively unspectacular in 2/3 of the population. A good 66% of us are between the two one sticks which is known as the 1st standard deviation. Now on our ASSHOLE GRAPH the left end of tail of the graph for our purposes would be assholes with no redeeming qualities and the ones with redeeming qualities like perhaps being very selfish to everyone but the woman he loves would be the tail end on the far right.

My Asshole Theory Estimates How Many of Them Could Actually Be Good to You.

For the highest level of over achiever or perfectionist who will settle for nothing but the best, the population gets rarer and rarer with more positive traits added and more negative traits. I estimated by taking all the average assholes out and the ones that had no redeeming qualities, that you may find that 16.5% of men commonly considered assholes may be good to you. So in a room full of total assholes perhaps one in 5 would be good to you. It must always be reminded that we all have our personal limits and that we must always respect them. If you do not know where they are please find them.

How Men Feel about A$$HOLE$?

Most men who have not accomplished much or feel insecure about their station in life feel that you must win the genetic lottery and be an athlete to do this – or – be born into a rich family and this certainly helps but they are just confused. If you feel your love is confused try to support them and the belief that life can change and that they are not stuck in vain.


They feel that to be “asshole successful” you must sell your soul and be a total greed-head, liar and total manipulator. But the TRUTH of the matter is you do not have to be an asshole to better your station in life. If you are man and think this YOU are confused. You must be tough yes, and being a nice guy just is not good enough this is not childhood. No one is going to hand you anything you must reach out and TAKE IT. We all need help if you want to learn how to TAKE IT sign up for a session here and choose Nico’s Unique Hour.

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