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All you must do is purchase a session and schedule it with me. You may buy or schedule in whichever order suits you. You use the PayPal button below or this personalized PayPal page to send money to Nicology LLC through PayPal online. Simply Contact me On Facebook: Nico Hilaire or Skype (Nicodemus.hilaire) and we will schedule a time together. Some people find this link to PayPal easier for processing debit/credit cards. *My refund policy is to immediately refund you the money if you did not like our time together. A refund has never been asked of me in 5+ years but the option is there for you. Below are Testimonials from long time users of Ask Nico and if you Google Nicodemus Hilaire you can find thousands of positive reviews on 3rd party networks and sites. I look forward to meeting with you and leading you to your hearts desire.

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Message: FB Nico Hilaire Skype: Nicodemus.hilaire or Email: w/ Any Concerns

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