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I am Nicodemus Hilaire and I am the help that arrives at the speed of the internet. I give an Alpha-Male Perspective that is evenly tempered with Science & Spirituality among other gifts. The technological boom of the 21st century made it possible that all of us may suddenly speak to one another effortlessly. I have been successfully coaching women in the realms of romance & spirituality and to successful lives for the last 5+ years. With new times there are new ways of getting things done.

I work through conversations in-between sessions & arranged sessions. I like to keep in contact with Ask Nico Family Members. I honestly do not mind coming home to seeing 144 of your messages of venting. It is good because it gets it off your chest and it gives me preparation to coach you successfully through all the processes of life. I usually talk with a new member of my "Ask Nico family" so that the two of us are on the same page prior to our session. You may decide to message me first or decide to run with it and purchase a session. Either one is fine with me. I am a man who feels that he can never have enough friends. At some point you decide upon a time and the journey begins. There is no commitment on your part. You only buy a Session when you need too. It is my job to make myself available and I do so. Sessions are on Skype, Facebook or Mobile Phone. Video is not required but is available as a default. 

A Session lasts for the very least of an hour & each session is $40. You may use the PayPal button below or this page on PayPal  to send money to Nicology LLC through PayPal online. Most people also find the portal more to their liking. It is particularly helpful if you are sending something other than $40 or $100. Simply Contact me On Facebook: Nicodemus Hilaire or Skype (Nicodemus.hilaire) and we will schedule a time together. Many times I am able to make myself available immediately but definitely not always. *My refund policy is to immediately refund you the money if you did not like our time together. A refund has never been asked of me in 5+ years but the option is there for you. Below are Testimonials from long time users of Ask Nico and some of the results of Google Searches of my reviews. If you Google Nicodemus Hilaire you can find thousands of positive reviews on 3rd party networks and sites. The link to my reviews on these private networks are available below. I look forward to meeting with you and leading you to your heart's desire.

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Message: FB Nico Hilaire / Skype: Nicodemus.hilaire or                                                                                              NicodemusHilaire@gmail.com w/ Any Concerns

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