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I wanted to give good counsel at the speed of the internet, the rest was just setting up & there are thousands of positive reviews on all of the big networks and 3rd party sites.

I started AskNico.net when I began online business nearly 6 years ago. In early Feb 2016 a blog was added. Most who found me simply Googled me after having an excellent encounter with me on a 3rd party website. I created Nicology LLC to Define Uniquely Powerful Online Counseling & Advising. I am now a masthead of support for many many people on all continents. My Name is Nicodemus Hilaire.

The ability to combine the needs of counseling with the speed of the internet has made my crowd become incredibly successful. The truth is that many who say they will help you including family friends and many professionals alike are not accessible when you need them. Immense time and energy are wasted speaking to those unavailable and unable. I CHOOSE to be only a message away for the new as well as those who have been with me for years. It does not cost to talk to me as I understand some will want to know me before they invest in a session. All who speak to me are important to me. You may message me anytime on FB or Skype (Nicodemus.hilaire). The chances are you will get a message back very soon. These both go straight to my mobile.

I take a very unique approach that has grown through my education in Psychology, Personal Experience and Spirituality. Every single session contains a unique exercise, insight and approach through the adventure known as your life. Remember you are the hero of your journey. Remember that when you are in a session with me, no one but you exists to me. You have my full and complete attention. You also gain the Alpha Male Perspective & Intellect that so many women desire to understand in order to gain romantic happiness.

When you message me it is only a matter of reasonable time before you receive an answer. This GREATLY EASES FEAR AND ANXIETY as you know I WILL BE THERE for you. I make myself available 24:7, in the case that something is bothering you in the moment and you need a quick answer or someone to talk too. This is more commitment for less cost than you will ever find. Coupling the great amount of commitment I give everyone ON A PERSONAL LEVEL there is great success attained for you & I alike. In short you are the Captain of your ship (life) and you tell me what you want. I provide the gusts of wind (insight, advice) to get you to your destination aka your heaven on earth… In the case that you do not know, I will help you find your path BUT NEVER tell you what to do. I advise and counsel, what you decide to do and where go is up to you. This is because I DO NOT PLACE ANY JUDGEMENT as that will only limit your celestial path.

It is a condition of being a true man of yoga to do what it is you do the best. It is best when this coincides with what you love to do. I Am A Man of True Will. I believe in helping everyone find their True Will and accomplish their Great Work. Whether it be creating a family or running a country. We all have different paths that differ greatly.  This was the impetus for the creation of Nicology LLC, to create a vehicle for my True-Will. My True Will has an insatiable appetite for learning and discovering patterns in the human experience. My great curiosity to understand the human mind and world have come with great blessings of knowledge education and experience. With my unique skill set I believe I am giving the best Advising for the most decent rate and this is even especially true in regard to those who come to me (a majority) for matters of love and romance. The blog is simply for your enjoyment.

I hold a Bachelor of Sciences in Psychology currently and am in the process of obtaining my Masters. I have been in almost every State of the Union (USA) as well as Mexico, Canada, Italy, Greece and Turkey. I have worked as a Babalawo (priest of Santeria) but left when asked to join for life. I have had immense personal and professional experience in all aspects of romance and feel that this is my specialty. I also love business. I was raised in a mix Catholicism and the occult. I consider myself somewhat of a Bodhisattva but know better than to claim to have more divinity than we all possess.  It is only a matter of cultivating that inner divinity.  I believe that spirituality is important in life. Most people do not want to fill it with Science and the Socratic Method but it is important to understand these things as we no longer live in an age of superstition.

The last six or so years of working online with all of you great people has only made me better than I already was at what I already do. I consider it a great privilege to live this life and I am thankful to each and every one of you who EMPOWERS yourself with your own True Will. It is like a flame. I light you up in the hope that you will also light others up as you live your life.

When I see success and control come back into people’s lives or come into their lives for the first time at all it is a moment money cannot buy. This is Freedom, Agency, Your Guide, Your Holy Guardian Angel, Your Soul you may call it what you want but you know it is there because every time it gets quiet around you, “it” gets louder.

I hope that every last one of you have enjoyed your time with me as much as I have with you. I hope to see more of you and share my time with new people giving people the clarity, knowledge and understanding to gain what it is they want out of this world.

With the Greatest Amount of Love, Nicodemus Hilaire

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