7 Everyday Super Villains

7 Everyday Super Villains to Avoid in 2017

The Player- The player makes love to you but does not call you the next day. In all reality the player is either a closeted homosexual,  has severe mental problems or simply has not “matured”. Ladies it is easy to screen these men from your life.

Simply force them to take interest in your life by going on several dates. Most players will get tired.

If it is more complicated contact me on FB/Skype & I will be happy to help.

Romance is not a game. Love is the recognition of virtue in the virtuous to me. That is just me. We all have our own take.

The 49er aka The Gold-Digger-All people that you speak with speak with you for a reason. If you are a person with significant resources and do not know why a certain someone adores you so much, this is a good clue.

To these people everything is about money. However it is the last thing that they wish to talk about. If you do not know why someone is interested/talking to you please clutch your wallet.


The Victim- These people are my all time favorite villain because they are so easily beaten. Simply hold them accountable for their actions. To them everything is always the problem of someone else. You are the reason they have an addiction. You are the reason that they are divorced. “Oh, woe is me!”


The Religious Fanatic- When these people meet “victims” it is a match made in heaven or hell because they gain minions. Everything on Earth they will tell you is to get you to some afterlife where you will pet lions with Jesus or have 72 virgins with Mohammed.

Anyone with any sense will stay away from these people. Similar to the racist, they will begin with a framework that all the problems are a result of the West or the Middle East. Do NOT get sucked into their drama.

If you support women’s rights or gay rights, put these losers down as often as possible.

The Hacker- They can abuse the internet in ways you have no understanding about and they sell private information on the “dark web.” If you do not do so already please protect yourself with anti-virus software and a secure VPN (Virtual Private Network). The costs should not exceed $20/mth at most.
The (Anti) Politician- Politics are going to be increasingly polarized and dirty. Unless these people have a verified track record of GOOD ACTION- do not trust.

U.S. Speaker of the House Paul (RINO) Ryan (R-WI) delivers a speech on “the state of American politics” to interns on Capitol Hill in Washington March 23, 2016. REUTERS/Gary Cameron –

The Race Baiters- To this person all things are about race. Everyone is a racist/sexist that they dislike. They lack any type of ability to reason past their race-baiting. If you turn on your television to MSNBC or CNN you will see what I am talking about. Count the minutes until race comes up. Is there not anything of more intellectual value that they can speak about? More and more people are waking up to the fact that racial discrimination goes two ways. It is not the type of racism that our grandparents dealt with. While this racism is also around it is not as prevalent. As real as it was to their generation, our generation has a new brand. The type of person that no matter what happens seeks to stir up racial disharmony for political ends rather than judging people based on merit.

It is as if the mainstream media cannot fathom that we understand that people are different and that we are able to treat them based on merit NOT the color of their skin. These people treat you as if you are nearly mentally handicapped and are among the most nasty.

They never go a day without calling someone a racist/sexist. Who has race on their mind 24/7? IT IS SO OLD AND TIRING…

This list was composed for 2017.

Nicodemus Hilaire

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